Monday, May 5, 2014


Well According to statistics, snowboarding it a majorly male dominated sport, I thought so too but not from a 3 to 1 ratio. And it’s almost entirely dominated by people under the age of 30, I didn’t of snowboarding as such young people’s sport, I see many adults snowboarding, but roughly only about twenty percent of people snowboarding are above the age of thirty. This sport does too dangerous for the wimpy old men who want to stick with skiing then start the epic adventure that is snowboarding down the huge slope of a mountain. But I must say I’m surprised, snowboarding can be an expensive hobby, and older people have more income so you would think more older people would try but sadly that is not the case with this world, they think the sport is too wild and reckless for them to attempt, as is the stereotype for snowboarding. It’s so typical for people to think of snowboarding as a way to break both your legs and arms, and that only skaters should be snowboarding and not adults.

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  1. no matter how hard i can not skate however i can snowboard really well so i definitely don't agree with only skate borders should be snowboarders