Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book review

“The Complete Snowboarder” written by Jeff Bennet and Scott Downey asserts itself as a source of learning, insight, helpful tips, and complete teachings in the art of snowboarding. In multiple chapters are detailed pages and pictures to help engage the readers to teach them the fundamentals and advanced techniques of snowboarding. This could be for anyone just deciding to take up snowboarding along with struggling experienced riders who just can't land that one trick. Bennet and Downey wrote this tome of snowboarding knowledge due to their love of snowboarding and the need to share it with others.

 Along with just the small things like how to warm up properly before heading out the slopes, to a switch backflip with a one handed nose grab. This book covers anything you need to know about snowboarding's inner workings. Within are lots of tips from actual professional snowboarders giving their personal insight into the sport and how they would tackle the problem? Lots of tricks are represented here, grabs, flips, and other tricks you can do are listed here as well, with pictures, and detailed information on how tom perform them.

Unfortunately, it couldn't cover all you could want to know, but didn't miss much. Things like where you could go into the states for a first try, or what specific muscle groups you should exercise to be better prepared for snowboarding.

Like an instruction manual should, this book does do a good job at telling its reader all of his questions, more or less. The advanced techniques or the easy little tips and tricks, are all paths that need to be crossed in order to get better at snowboarding. Books like this are helpful, but if it doesn't help just reading about what to do, just go on the mountain and try it for yourself.

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  1. Well Austin, it sure sounds like you enjoy snowboarding a great amount! I think it's cool how passionate you are about your topic. Where is your favorite snowboarding destination? I have yet to try snowboarding, but I plan to in the future. Keep up the good work!