Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book review

“The Complete Snowboarder” written by Jeff Bennet and Scott Downey asserts itself as a source of learning, insight, helpful tips, and complete teachings in the art of snowboarding. In multiple chapters are detailed pages and pictures to help engage the readers to teach them the fundamentals and advanced techniques of snowboarding. This could be for anyone just deciding to take up snowboarding along with struggling experienced riders who just can't land that one trick. Bennet and Downey wrote this tome of snowboarding knowledge due to their love of snowboarding and the need to share it with others.

 Along with just the small things like how to warm up properly before heading out the slopes, to a switch backflip with a one handed nose grab. This book covers anything you need to know about snowboarding's inner workings. Within are lots of tips from actual professional snowboarders giving their personal insight into the sport and how they would tackle the problem? Lots of tricks are represented here, grabs, flips, and other tricks you can do are listed here as well, with pictures, and detailed information on how tom perform them.

Unfortunately, it couldn't cover all you could want to know, but didn't miss much. Things like where you could go into the states for a first try, or what specific muscle groups you should exercise to be better prepared for snowboarding.

Like an instruction manual should, this book does do a good job at telling its reader all of his questions, more or less. The advanced techniques or the easy little tips and tricks, are all paths that need to be crossed in order to get better at snowboarding. Books like this are helpful, but if it doesn't help just reading about what to do, just go on the mountain and try it for yourself.


This article titled "History Of Snowboarding" by a man named Rob Daniels tells the reader a brief recap of known history of snowboarding. From a prospective start in the 1920's where someone named Jack Burchette fashioned a poor snowboard out of a plank of wood and slid down a hill to the first snowboard friendly park in Vermont in the 1980's. I love how it tells us all the wins snowboarding has had in its short uprising this late century, about 15 years apart were no snowboarding being allowed anywhere to it being certified as an Olympic sport, making it into the Olympics was a major victory for snowboarding as it created an image of actual official competition and begun to dissipate the stereotype of only skaters or reckless people participating the sport.

No sport on record has become so worldwide popular this fast, Daniels predicts that it will become more popular than skiing by the year 2015,, which I think has already happened but perhaps he means the world. He mentions when it became nationwide in the 80's thanks to Jake Burton Carpenter's redesign of the modern snowboard with bindings to strap in your feet in allowing you to ricks and go down in deeper powder and harder slopes than you would've ever tried with the Velcro like flaps they had before. And a video made in 1996, told and showed us all the marvelous tricks and stunts we could achieve in snowboarding, brought in a whole new flock of boarders in, people who wanted to perform these feats soon appeared, young to old, athletic to couch patties, everyone wanted to try this new up and coming winter sport. Daniels has accurately written down a short collaboration of all of snowboarding’s wins for anyone with twenty minutes to spare to read it.   

Friday, March 21, 2014


Well here it is, a paragraph expressing my feelings about snowboarding. Snowboarding gives you an epic feeling of intensity and clarity. It’s just nothing but an experience you have to live through to truly understand, sometimes when you're riding down in the deep powder, you hear nothing but the silent smooth ride of your board through the bright white blanket of pillowy fluff. It feels like you're flying through the air with no worry for the world below or ahead of you. You want to just fly away but the board won't let you, you have to come to your senses at some point or you might run into a tree. A tree is a harsh reminder of reality along with pain, pain from hitting a dense pine tree with enough force to knock over a large person. So while just letting go is fun and exhilarating, pay attention from time to time or you might just die.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Creative 2

You want to snowboard?
Its not for everybody.
Just try not to die.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Self-Selected Response

The Health Benefits of Snowboarding

Well in a Health Article I found, there is lots of information describing the many health benefits of Snowboarding. Like all the muscles it improves like the ankles, calves, quads, and your core muscle groups like your arms and shoulders. Snowboarding also makes you more flexible from all the bending you have to do to balance yourself at high speeds, and the more flexible your joints are, the less likely you are to break any bones in other things you do. Though there is possibility of head injury, all you have to do is just wear a helmet and you'll be safe from most injuries, and if you really want to be safe then you could just stay home, because there’s danger in almost everything you do. All this just proves my point in why snowboarding is such a great activity to exercise in your daily life, it properly lists and explains much more benefits of snowboarding and how it can improve your life like how it can increase your concentration by having to look for paths of ice or the way the moves for a path to go down, concentration is used in everything you do and this is just more that can add more to your life. While it misses a few things like how great it is for recreation and relaxation when you are feeling down or how it is good for the environment as it brings in money, plus it can burn more than 500 calories an hour. I personally love all the benefits snowboarding brings you, but I didn't know that worked out your core muscles, it’s a lot better for you than you would think. So  If you’re having trouble losing weight and being consistent, than consider going snowboarding more often, you can lose weight and have fun at the same time.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


 While working with Legos last semester for my prrevious post and resewarching them, i found that legos are made fro the same matertial they the underlying part as a snowboard. So essentially i can totally make a snowboard out of melted down legos and ride it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


On a Great White Plain
We ride in the deep deep snow
Gracefully sliding