Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome to my Blog Too!

Austin Beltz

Dear Blog Reader

Welcome to my blog! It is my pleasure to introduce you to the world of snowboarding. In my blog, there are videos, pictures and stories for your viewing pleasure. I’ve made several posts about articles telling the history and findings of snowboarding, along with its health benefits and contributions to nature.

My favorite post by far would be my third self-selected response, which tells the history of snowboarding in brief. I based my information off of an article by Rob Daniels; I felt this post meant the most because how primitive snowboarding started out, and its annual rise to popular demand. While the original article did a much better job expanding on the actual matter of fact, my post covered most it with accuracy on its key points. Where I’d like to improve would to be in more intricate detail where it’s needed, like it lacks a narrative feeling, it should be giving a story. So although it gives a great insight into Snowboarding’s great history, it wouldn’t be a great read for everyone. I don’t consider this post to be my best writing as well, but I think it can tell the most about the fantastic snow sport.  Great credit should be given to Jake Burton Carpenter, the person highlighted in this post. I’d say he is the godfather of snowboarding; he gave it life along with a sleek design, which would be the focus of my post.

I am upset this post didn’t meet up with my expectations of it. I failed to write anything about Sims Boards, who were the underdog of snowboarding’s history, and they were snuffed out by Burtons overbearing shadow. Sims also played a part, but I didn’t feel as if they played an important enough part to be recognized as a competitor of Burton. My concerns about the structural integrity of my post are unaffected by the absence of this fact, so it’s not that much of a loss but this could give my post more girth. Sims didn’t make its mark on history, and thus didn’t make it into my post.

Another key aspect post of my blog would be my book review about an instructional guide on how to snowboard. My post lacked greatly on its ability to give actual detail on how to snowboard but listed all the ways you would look into the book on how to learn. I chose to write a post about this book to provide a resource for people struggling with snowboarding.

I personally learned how to snowboard from this book, so I knew it would prove to provide helpful insight and help to anyone who wants to snowboard. My personal feelings about the book helping me didn’t inflict my knowledge that the book was an actual resource on how to snowboard, but I did look here first. But I doubt there is a better starter book out there for  people learn to snowboard, thus my strong feelings that you can’t find a better way to learn other than actually getting a lesson on the mountain.

Finally, my last post that I enjoyed writing was my passion blog, in which I poured my feelings into giving a simple understanding on my deep feelings for snowboarding. I give a reminder that while snowboarding fun and exhilarating, injury and death are always a possibility while snowboarding, as you are on a metal board thrown down a mountain side. I could’ve elaborated more and added more feeling into the short paragraph but I felt that it gave a accurate representation of my passion for snowboarding, and my feelings on why everyone should give it a try.

My writing has improved drastically throughout the year as you may see in my book review post, it displays my writing skills that I've gained through this year of english. Its easier to see if you compare it to my other posts which aren't my best work. So throughout the year iv made great progress towards a a better career in college.

Sincerely, Austin Beltz

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