Friday, March 21, 2014


Well here it is, a paragraph expressing my feelings about snowboarding. Snowboarding gives you an epic feeling of intensity and clarity. It’s just nothing but an experience you have to live through to truly understand, sometimes when you're riding down in the deep powder, you hear nothing but the silent smooth ride of your board through the bright white blanket of pillowy fluff. It feels like you're flying through the air with no worry for the world below or ahead of you. You want to just fly away but the board won't let you, you have to come to your senses at some point or you might run into a tree. A tree is a harsh reminder of reality along with pain, pain from hitting a dense pine tree with enough force to knock over a large person. So while just letting go is fun and exhilarating, pay attention from time to time or you might just die.


  1. i really like this its so true. keep up the good work. TM

  2. Austin, I like how passionate you are about your topic, it's pretty cool! It's nice to see someone who can express their feeling about their topic and describe it like it's the only thing that matters in the world.